INNOPROT has developed a proprietary drug discovery technology platform for multiplexing GPCR screening campaings using different fluorescent biosensors. This technology called Nomad Biosensors allows the measurement in vitro of the GPCRs different activation pathways performing one single assay.

The use of Nomad Biosensors in a screening campaign reduces the time, costs and resources needed in more than a 50-70%. It is the simplest way to identify biased ligands in a single assay, which may reduce on-target adverse effects or engender novel pharmacolog, and working only with the Nomad Cell Lines, without the need of using additional reagents.

There are four different versions of the biosensor covering the second messengers involved in the GPCR activation pathway: and the beta arrestin recruitment

cAMP Nomad Biosensor
Ca++ Nomad Biosensor
DAG Nomad Biosensor
b-arrestin Biosensor

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All versions have been validated for High Content Screening, quantifying cytoplasmatic granularity changes by image analysis.

Contact us at innoprot@innoprot.com to learn more about NOMAD technology and how to boost your drug screening campaigns with automated imaging techniques using our biosensors.